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Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Tell-It-Like-It-Is Video Contest

Tell-It-Like-It-Is Video Contest:

Picture 2It's still a bit top-secret, but … I'll be launching a sister website next month, and as part of it, I'll be creating a video compiled of your stories, challenges and ways you've put ReDefining Monogamy into your life, love and relationships. If a picture's worth a thousand words, I figure a moving picture is worth a million. So the best way to capture (in under 3 minutes), what my work is about, why and how people use it, and what is possible to create as a result, is to get it straight from you!

The prizes:

** For every video submitted, I'll send you my self-study course, Communication Made Easy: In & Out of the Bedroom.

Learn how to express your needs, ask for what you want, get practical how-to’s for deactivating reactivity, dealing with jealousy & resolving conflicts, all with humour and enjoyment. This is a sweet little bundle of three in-depth audio classes, workbook, at-home exercises and resource guide, valued at $97.

** For the top three videos (rated on impactful story, quality of video, and overall open-hearted coolness), you'll also get a fr*ee session with me, 2 hrs, valued at $197. Dude.

So, to join the contest:

1. Submit a video clip of you (and your partner/s), about 1 minute long. Use good lighting, if possible, and make sure it's honest and from your heart. The final file you send me must be smaller than 2GB. No editing necessary.

2. Upload it and send it to me:

* Use this link:
* Login email:
* Login password: videocontest
* Fill in the "To" form:
* Fill in "Subject" form: Video Contest and your name
* Fill in the "Message" form: Your name(s), geographical
location, and occupation. (Or if you do NOT want this
information used, please specify).
* Upload your video file! (no larger than 2GB)
* Click "Send it!"

3. Your video must reach me before FEBRUARY 1, 2010


Feel free to answer each of these questions, or use them as a starting point and improvise. Just be real, share from your heart, and use concrete examples, when you can.

* What issues/challenges/problems/pains were you experiencing when you found my work?
* How did those challenges affect other aspects of your life?
* How did you find my work?

* What has shifted (results, outcomes, realizations) from knowing about and/or using my work?
* How has my work re-defined what's possible for you with love, sex, relationships and commitment?
* What would things be like for you if you hadn't come across my work?

I so look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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