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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009


200458998-001In the book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, the first law is about “tithing” – giving 10% of what you’ve got, to where you received your “spiritual food.”

I’m taking a non-denominational, modern-day look at the concept of tithing – and spiritual food – and invite you to come along.

Scan your life for a moment. From where do you receive your spiritual food? Presence yourself to an element of your life you are so grateful for, it has you down on your knees, moved and inspired by its existence. What nourishes you, without which you wouldn’t be your greatest self?

It may be indeed a church or charity group, but spiritual food comes in a lot of unlikely forms: a group of girlfriends, a stranger on a park bench, your grandmother, a training you just took, your father, your yoga teacher, your lover, your business coach…

Traditionally, tithing was mostly in the form of money, but in the case of your spiritual food, it may not be money that makes the biggest difference. Take a second to think about – and feel into – this place/person/thing you get your spiritual food from; what type of contribution from you would make the biggest

As much as we are unique snowflakes, living our wondrous lives and contributing our greatest gifts, we didn’t get here on our own.

On whose shoulders are you standing now? And how can you in turn acknowledge, feed and nourish your relationship with that?

So, this week, I invite you:

1. Where do you get your “spiritual food?”
2. What’s your “10%” that you can give back – or give forward? Give that.

"I'm not trying to change the world. I'm just trying to bring something beautiful to my little corner of it."

– A relative of mine (father of two, husband, recently clean of a crack addiction)


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