The Nature Of The Mind

You are not your mind. You are not your thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations or experiences. You are not anything that can come and go. You are what always exists, as those thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and experiences arise and fall away.

The nature of the mind is to function as an incredible tool, a great creativity, a generator of thoughts, an ace solver of problems. In fact, you may have noticed, if you aren't experiencing any problems, the mind will create some, just to solve.

For most of us, our mind is trying to do a job it cannot do. It is trying to keep the "negative" emotions away, the positive ones ever eternal. It is trying to keep you safe from all pain. It is trying to "do it right." It is trying very hard for you, to do a job that is out of its skill set, beyond its pay grade, out of the realm of possibility. But it keeps trying. And the continuous attempting of your mind trying to do a job it cannot do, is the suffering you feel. Who is suffering is your mind.

As I mentioned in the section, Pain and Suffering: A Brief Introduction, it is the running from a thought, analyzing a thought, wishing the thought weren't so, wishing it to stay, wishing it to be different than it is that creates the suffering.

Trying to fix or change your thoughts only makes them more persistent.

I call all this scrubbing your thoughts.

Thoughts are fine, thoughts are natural, thoughts are not a problem. The point is not to NOT have thoughts.

All thoughts – and things like thoughts like emotions, experiences, sensations and feelings – are transitory – they come, they last for a time, and they go.

Thoughts are like whiny children. Acknowledge a whiny child's existence and give her a moment of loving acceptance, she will quiet down. Ignore her, chastise her, tell her she is wrong, tell her she needs to change, and she will throw a tantrum.

Put simply, the job your mind is trying to do is keep you safe, get you everlasting peace and happiness. It does this mostly by scrubbing your thoughts. But since the currency of the mind are things like thoughts that are changeable, the mind cannot get you everlasting peace, happiness and safety.

However, peace, safety and happiness are your nature. Your nature is revealed, again and again, when you stop scrubbing your thoughts.

Time to restore your mind to doing the job it CAN do well. Want to know how to work WITH your thoughts, rather than endless scrubbing of them. I'll tell you how in Shaking hands with what IS.

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