“While speaking from the heart, LiYana gets right to the heart of the matter…”

“Knowing and working with LiYana, as a coach and teacher, has deeply shifted and enhanced my life and my family’s life. She is a rare gem and it is a gift to spend time with her. She gets right to the heart of the matter while speaking from the heart with a lightness of spirit and a gentle touch.

Her presence is experienced like a ray of sunshine for both its light and its warmth.

LiYana artfully, lovingly and precisely, touched my life both professionally and personally. Specifically, as I was training to become a health counselor, LiYana was my role model. She was instrumental in my transformation from a retired marketing executive/MBA/stay-at-home mom to a holistic health counselor with a thriving private practice.

It was during a group exercise that she was leading for a group of 100 that I had my most significant “breakthrough” moment with LiYana. During the exercise, I was transported to a moment when I was 4 years old. I came to understand how this experience had influenced my personality and all my relationships. I became freer to fully connect with every person who crosses my path each day. My entire experience as a human being has been significantly enhanced by my work with LiYana.”

Nancy Weiser, CHHC, MBA
Mamaroneck, New York

"You are a wonderment, a lotus in a muddy pond; a glittering, gallivanting delight!"

"You are a wonderment, a lotus in a muddy pond; a glittering, gallivanting delight.
I love your finesse, your wildness, your disregard of convention, and your courage."

Jena LaFlamme, Director of Jena Wellness Group & Weight-loss Expert
New York

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