Sexy, Radiant & Confident Recording

If you missed the live tele-class, Sexy, Radiant & Confident: The Three Simple Secrets, you can listen to a recording of the class here.

Don't forget that on the class I give you a way to get a FREE full 1-hour coaching sesion with me ($295 value!), which is only valid until August 3rd at 12:00am midnight!

I like to reward your decisive action and your YES!

Besides being an extraordinary class, with information and exercises you can put in practice immediately, I'd hate to see you miss out on this bonus!


To listen to the tele-class recording NOW on the web, click here.

To download the recording of the tele-class, click here.

To use your phone to dial in to listen to a recording:

Dial – (641) 715-3468
Enter Access Code – 887128#


To download the handouts from the call:

Sensual Bootcamp (PDF)

The Three-Step Process (PDF)

The Appreciation Cleanse (PDF)

If you don't have the latest version of Adobe Reader for PDFs, you can download it here


To check out the 10-Week Programs: (for Women and for Partners):

10-Week Program for Women

Living Radiance:
Ten Weeks to Sexy, Vibrant & Confident

For more information and to apply, click here.


10-Week Program for Partners

Living Relationships:
Ten Weeks to Extraordinary Partnerships

For more information and to apply, click here.

To your Sexiness, Radiance and Confidence,

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LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert
Creatrix, Re-Defining Monogamy

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