Shaking Hands With What Is

It is a uniquely human trait to decide something should be different than how it is. I am angry, but I shouldn't be. I am feeling pain, that must mean I've done something wrong.

The trouble is not that the thought or sensation or experience IS, the trouble is that you try to resist, change, or run from, or make last forever something you are experiencing.

The universal truth, a key to getting off the self-made suffering ride, is to accept what IS. It should be happening, because it IS. Accepting it doesn't mean you agree with it or like it. The first step is simply to NOT wish the present to be different than it IS.

Accepting a thought, seeing it for what it is, not apathy. I am not a talking about passively accepting things. Accepting them is different than running from them, trying to resist them or make them stay forever.

Shaking hand with what IS, is like shaking hands with a person. The act of shaking someone's hand, you acknowledge, "you are here, I am meeting you." Accepting comes first. The judgment of I like this or don't like this, comes afterward.

Anything simply experienced for what it IS loses its potency or its grip on you. You can see it for what it IS.

You see with a filter of what you want, rather than what IS. But, at closer look, how could a thought or sensation – or person – be different than it IS? Removing the filter is the first step to a mind that is doing a job it can do. It is the first step to easing your suffering.

Again, I am not saying to blindly accept, or sit on the couch waiting for something to fall on your head, throwing your hands in the air, saying, "well, there's nothing I can do!"

One of the biggest gifts as human beings is our very real ability to shift things in our lives, to shift patterns, create amazing thoughts, to understand our minds and step off the suffering train.

Make it right, rather than wrong. Accept that it IS. If it is occurring, if you are experiencing it, then it IS. You can't create a different experience out of what IS.

But you do possess the power to create new thoughts, different thoughts, better thoughts.

What's Beyond Acceptance?

Shaking hands with what IS, is the keystone. Acceptance reveals your nature – a ground of love and lightness – from which any possibility is available to you.

Stop scrubbing that particular thought. Create a new one. Do new actions that create new patterns, ones you like, and ones that have you like yourself.

Accept what IS, move beyond, and create new.

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