Sexuality As Spirituality

"I want to do to you what Spring does to the cherry trees."
~ Pablo Neruda

As A Means

Many spiritual traditions vehemently separate sex from spirit, and sexuality from spirituality.

You've probably been taught that anything to do with the body must be transcended in order to get to the spirit. You've probably also been taught that the sexual inhibits the spiritual. In order to be truly spiritual, you have to get away from or rise above sexuality, your body, and your humanity.

I want to offer you another viewpoint.

There is no transcendence necessary, nothing to overcome, nothing to attain. You are not separate from the divine. You are a spiritual being having a divine experience. The divine is experiencing itself through you.

There is no place where, if you finally got there, you would finally be spiritual. This is it. You are already here.

As you know from your weekend quantum physics courses, everything from the thickest steel beam to the wispiest beam of light, is, at the end of the day, energy. Everything is this amazing, creative energy. This energy creates everything, it is the energy of creation.

This energy of creation is the energy of sex, literally and figuratively. Sex is creation, all living things come from creative energy, from sex.

I often think of the cherry trees blossoming as one long, gorgeous springtime cherry tree orgasm.

Especially in a culture and time as confused about sexuality as ours, sexuality must be expressed and experienced, so it is not repressed. So it doesn't remain a confusing hindrance. If you have "charge" around sexuality, if you run from it or too voraciously to it, it will always weigh you down and cause you suffering.

When you are clear and integrated with your sexuality, it can open you up to the divine.

As A Metaphor

For our purposes, I will attempt to define the divine. The divine is oneness. Beautiful unity, harmony, peace.

It can get a bit boring, though, just being oneness all the time, so the divine creates a game of more than one, so it can experience itself.

Think of it kind of like being able to look into the mirror. If you were the only thing around, there would be no mirror to look into, no way to experience yourself. This game of more than one, of "duality," this game of life, is a playful way for the divine to see itself and experience itself.

The divine loves nothing more than playing this big game of hide and seek.

It loves seeing all the vast and varied ways it can experience itself, all the spectrum of emotions, experiences, forms and flavors. It loves losing itself so it can find itself again. It loves the frustration of separation and the joy of union.

As I said, we are, in our human lives, acting out and experiencing this play of divinity. We create something opposite from ourselves, something to be separate from, so that we can experience joining together again. And once there is union, we get a bit bored and we create separation again.

It is a powerful play, the pull of polarization, the attraction of opposites coming together, the joy of coming home.

The coming together of opposites in order to experience union is one of the most powerful human experience of the divine at play.

Coming together, pulling apart, over and over again. Sounds a little like sex, doesn't it?

Sex is a not only a METAPHOR for spiritual, divine play, it is also a physical EXPERIENCE of spiritual, divine play.

Relationships As Spiritual Path

When you step on to a spiritual path, you likely do so with big questions about existence that you would like answered or addressed to your satisfaction.

  • If you are not merely your body, your thoughts, your emotions or your
    memories, you want to know, after all, who you are.
  • You want to learn to work with your mind, to know yourself well, to
    know what is an illusion, and what is true.
  • You want to know what it means to be happy, to be a better person, to
    find peace.
  • You want to learn, to grow, to explore and to know what it takes to live
    a fulfilling life.
  • You want to explore your relationship to the divine, or your experience
    AS the divine.
  • Anything can be your vehicle on your spiritual path.

I say have relationships be your vehicle. They will offer you an extraordinary ride.

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