Sensuality Basics

In this culture and society, the arena of sex is so hyped you are often left desensitized, confused, numbed-out and alienated from your own unique sensuality.

Goal-oriented sex, with its over-emphasis on only orgasm, puts an enormous pressure on both women and men to look, act and perform in a certain way – all of which mostly leaves you cold, unsatisfied and wanting.

Saturated as we are with sex, sex, sex, it is good to keep in mind that your sensuality is a vital part of your sexuality. It is important to recover your sensitivity, your innocence, your "beginner's mind" around sex, which comes in the form of sensuality.

Sensuality is the enjoyment, expression and pursuit of physical – often sexual – pleasure. Sex, once infused with your brand of sensuality, can then become an experience of great pleasure and an unbounded source of self-expression.

However cut off you might feel, you are a naturally sensuous being, with a unique sense of sensuality. Your sensuality hasn't gone anywhere, it is just waiting for a little attention and a little warmth so it can blossom.

Once tapped, your sensuality has a way of making the rounds between a sweet simmer, a roiling boil, a full-on three alarm fire, and back again.

There is no one way to be brilliantly and fully sensual, there is just your way.

There's nothing to prescribe here. The best thing is to jump in and try, swim around and see what suits you, reawaken what might have been slumbering.

So I have created several exercises to get you re-acquainted and familiar with your – and your partner's – sensual self:

I recommend you carve out some special time to try these out, separate from when you normally have sex.

Each of these exercises were created for you and a partner, but feel free to adapt the exercises to do with just yourself, if you want.

And enjoy!

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