Relationship Advice

Pat, standard, run-of-the-mill relationship advice? I'm not a big fan, nor am I a dispenser.

But I do have much relationship advice to offer that that's of the fresh, feisty and tasty type. Rather than hitting you over the head with a how-to book, I offer you some maps and blueprints for You, Them, Guys and God; those bits that seem sound, use 'em, absorb 'em, edit and alter 'em to custom-fit you.

Relationship With Yourself
It starts with you – knowing how you are wired, what your buttons are, what you love, what makes you tick. It starts with your ability to take responsibility for your own joy, sanity and health, before you can do it with another person. The best relationship advice I can offer: A solid Relationship With Yourself first allows you to have a great relationship with others.

Relationship With Others
Competency in relating with others (a skill set that got skipped right over in the curriculum of our 12+ years of school!) is vital for great relationships. You can find simple relationship advice and practical application of things like communication, intimacy, honesty, commitment, and deciphering your partner in Relationship with Others.

For Guys Eyes
Women usually lead the pack in the area of self-improvement, and stereotypically have more ease in the realm of relationships. But relationships still don’t work unless each person is in the same game and on the same page. And thus, I offer relationship advice and tools for you men – you extraordinary, brave men – willing to put your butts on the line in the unfamiliar territory of relationships. For you magnificent ones, check out: For Guys Eyes.

Secret Subjects
What about the searing sensuality, the sweet intimacy, the heavy petting with the divine? Want some relationship advice for that? That’s partly why you do all the hard work, right? Yes, there is some delicious discipline, some internal excavation, and some honest, hard work to creating extraordinary relationships – but what, you may be asking about the relationship advice for the juicy, hot, ecstatic and edgy
stuff? For that, there is … Secret Subjects.

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