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Bare With Me
: an irreverently reverent romp through the wilds of re-defiining monogamy.

Bare With Me offers you a taste of what is fresh and feisty in the field of relationships, love, sex and intimacy. Each issue is a bursting package of articles, resources, interviews, answers to your questions, exercises and surprises – designed to edify you, fortify you and show you an exceptionally good time!

November 2008: You Are Not Broken. Or Lazy. Or Stupid.

Get my thoughts on "Relationship and Sex as Spiritual Path” and get my mentor's delightfully persuasive "10 Delusions of Personal Growth"… two different treatises explaining just how and why being human is not a fallen condition. Plus: try out for yourself the surprisingly corrective powers of gratitude.

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Spring 2008: From Rupture to Repair

You’ll find some fascinating views (including input from Oprah) on anger, failure and what constitutes truly successful relationships. You’ll also discover how you can do your part to end the war of the sexes.

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Winter 2008: Adoration, and Other Causes for Celebration

What does LiYana say to men who are neither “macho jerks” nor “new age wimps?” What’s better than getting what you want? What is a “love dog and how can we celebrate like one?” Read on for the answers to these questions, and to learn a simple, profound practice to entirely shift how others feel around you and react to you!

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October 2007: Wait, Don’t Wait

I don’t have to tell you that love and sex are our highest cultural commodities.
Somehow in the search for becoming sexy and attractive, we’ve lost our way in a big way. This month is all about reclaiming sexy; what makes a woman undeniably attractive, what asparagus and peaches have to do with waiting and satisfaction; and a simple exercise you can do to boost your sexiness factor exponentially!

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August 2007: A Self-Designed Obstacle Course

What makes women happy and radiant? What has men become kings? What are the two ways to win and one way to lose? Read on to learn the answers to these questions, discover how we design our lives to put off enjoyment – until perhaps it’s too late; feast on an interview with an expert on women’s happiness; and try out his amazing advice in a simple three-part practice.

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July 2007: Flirting with Enlightenment

Some folks contented themselves with barbeques and bike rides this summer, but among four other intensive weekend workshops, I designed my summer vacation to include a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. Up at 4:00am, last meal at noon, meditate up to 10 hours a day… Learn if I discovered enlightenment; get in on a discussion if flirting is cheating, and get some tips on how to flirt shamelessly – with yourself!

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June 2007: Mosquitoes & Happiness

Curious how my month in beautiful Thailand inspired this issue’s title? Dive into what mosquitoes have to teach about happiness, a surprising angle on internet porn, and some simple guidance on how to stop scratching your unhelpful, unhealthy, pesky thoughts.

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