Interviews with LiYana

You’ll never know what questions I’ll be answering, what simple truths I’ll be laying down, or what laughs I’ll be sharing with my quick-witted colleagues on these fresh and feisty interviews. Enjoy!


Personal Life Media presents: A Modern Woman's Approach to Making Relationships Work
Alissa Kriteman interviews Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver

" … a wealth of insight, information and sensitivity to a subject that is so taboo in our society."

jfwPersonal Life Media's Alissa Kriteman of "Just for Women, Dating & Relationships" interviews Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver.

Learn how you can identify what might be stopping you from going for what we REALLY want in your love relationships; how to deal effectively deal with your anger as a woman; and keys to being a radiant woman. Additionally, get some great advice on how to effectively communicate with men to get your needs met; understand the difference between Communication vs. Expression; and address what is necessary to have in your relationship before even considering non-monogamy.

Click here to download Alissa's interview with LiYana.


Personal Life Media presents: Looking to Redefine Your Monogamous Relationship?
Tripp Lanier interviews Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver

"Every man has had wandering thoughts or wandering eyes at some point during his committed relationship. Thank you for offering alternatives to repressing them – so we don't hurt our partners!"

tnm1Personal Life Media's Tripp Lanier, of "The New Man" interviews Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver.

Listen as LiYana lets us in on the secret "Kryptonite" that melts the resistance and defensiveness of any woman in relationship to establish true, deep connection. This connection is liberating for men in relationship, as we will feel the reigns loosen through trust. Learn how to develop strong, healthy constant connection to your partners, whereby you may find no limit to your freedom. And learn what's necessary if you even go so far as to take your relationship outside of the normal rules of monogamous commitment.

Click here to download Tripp's interview with LiYana.

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