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I'm able to answer between 8-12 questions on each live, free relationship tele-class, so don't delay, ask away!

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All you have to do is ask your question.

Think fireside chat, interactive study session, and content-rich Q&A of the life-shifting kind … all driven by your unique, thought-provoking questions.

The relationship tele-class is free when you attend live! If you have a scheduling conflict, send me your question regardless, and you'll get the details for accessing the recording – so you can listen later.

Which of these issues are on your mind?

Got Sexy? what are some real-life how-to's for becoming attractive, radiant & confident … ?

Communication Made Easy: easy? really? what about both in & out of the bedroom … ?

Decoding the Opposite Sex: how can men be simplified & women be de-mystified … ?

Powerful Woman & Partnership: is is possible …?

Sexuality as Spirituality: want some simple steps for a divine sex life – starting tonight … ?

Jealousy & Other Monsters: a place for beasties of the green-eyed type in a healthy relationship …?

These are just some of the topics I'll be discussing with you in each "Ask LiYana" free relationship tele-class.

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