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The ReDefining Monogamy Primer
Your Starter-kit and Basic Tool-box for Creating Extraordinary Relationships

I've crafted this free relationship course to keep you company over the next 8 weeks, giving you simple information and practical exercises on The Basics.
It's a free and easy ride, head and shoulders above most free relationship courses!

Think of it as Relationship Literacy Head-Start Program

Don't worry, it's not all studying and hard work. No cramming necessary.

Like kindergarten, it's full of fun stuff, juicy tidbits and play-time. You'll have to provide your own snacks, but I'll provide the foundational elements you'll need to take off and create your model relationship in this e-course. I know you'll find it unlike any other free relationship courses!

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Each week, for 8 weeks, you will get a new installment of the 8-part free relationship courses.

Here's what you can expect in the free relationship courses:

Relationship with Yourself, weeks 1-4:

Week 1: How You Are Wired, and What To Do About It

  • Hamster wheel vs. Bird's eye view
  • Discover Your "Persistent Beliefs" and "Downward Spirals"

Week 2: A Strict Diet of Self-Approval

  • The Nature of Thoughts and the Mind
  • Harnessing the Force: Putting Your Thoughts to Good Use

Week 3: Finding and Using Your Unfailing Compass

  • Using Joy as Your Touchstone
  • Taking Initiative to Create Joy

Week 4 : Shifting any Pattern: The 3 Essential Steps

  • Noticing
  • Getting Fully Fed Up
  • Doing New Actions

Relationship with Others, weeks 5-8:

Week 5: The Indispensable Skills of Listening and Acknowledgment

  • The Power of Your Attention
  • Attention in action

Week 6: Taking Radical Personal Responsibility

  • A Short-Cut To Happiness
  • Cleaning Up A Mess or Two

Week 7: The Basics of Extraordinary Communication

  • What You Heard, What They Said
  • Saying What You Mean, Meaning What You Say
  • Practicing Engaged Detachment
  • Increasing Your Learning Curve

Week 8: Putting It All Together

  • Integrating Into Your Life
  • Taking A Step Further

Plus, a Bonus Top 10 Tip Sheet:
Keeping Cool: Top Ten Ways To Diffuse Reactivity

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  • Step Up: simple ways to make a move and be in action

Plus random scintillating morsels (I can't reveal all my secrets here!)

Irresistible, I know!

How did you hear about me?

  • my free relationship E-Course, The Re-Defining Monogamy Primer
  • my free monthly Newsletter, Bare With Me
  • and the Bonus Tip Sheet, Keeping Cool: Top Ten Ways To Diffuse Reactivity

Looking forward to getting you started! Free relationship courses are a wonderful place to get a head start!



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