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Is there a place for the shadow at the feast of sacred sex?
New York Spirit Magazine, Summer 2009

200339816-001If you are like most practitioners of enlightened sex and relating, you pour energy and creativity into your relationship. You get more connected, safe, trusting, intimate and loving the more time you spend together. You strive for sacred merging in sex. You negotiate the stuffs of daily life and domestic living to create life partnership. Often all this works true wonders: sustainable, hot, loving life partnerships. But what about when it doesn’t work? Why is it that so often where there is the intimacy, love and familiarity of long-term and life partnership, the sexual spark seems to dim, flicker and perhaps fade altogether? What gives?

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David Deida: Dive in or run the other way?
New York Spirit Magazine, Spring 2009

ddenlightened_sexBest-selling author, powerfully insightful teacher, and provocative master of his craft, David Deida is arguably your man if you are looking to study sexuality as spirituality. In addition to countless students, David’s work has inspired the likes of well-known achievement coach Tony Robbins, Ken Wilber of the Integral Institute and minister and spiritual spokeswoman, Marianne Williamson. For as many hearts he’s inspired to ecstasy and minds he’s blown wide open to divine love, there are just as many who’ve come away pissed off and disillusioned, hurt and burnt.

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Sex and Relationship as Spiritual Path
Bare With Me Newsletter, November 2008

74174544Relationship and Sex as Spiritual Path asks some profound – or profane – questions, depending on your view.

Can a relationship actually do what an ashram does; can a relationship actually do what a teacher-student relationship does? In what ways can relationship do what lineage, community, etc, does? In what ways do we use spiritual communities or teachers to “avoid” deeper engagement and relationship with our partners?

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Beyond Monogamy: A Matter of Choice
New York Spirit Magazine, April/May 2008

beyondmonogamyWhen Marc’s girlfriend of 10 years, Tina, started mentioning marriage and kids, he realized he’d been sleep-walking through his life and wasn’t sure who it was he’d be bringing to a marriage, let alone if he wanted one at all. Although deeply wanting to explore the edges of himself and his life, including love, intimacy and sex, Marc didn’t want to just throw away his relationship. When we started working together, I asked, “What if you were not confined to any particular model of relationship, but could co-create something that is an expression of you both? What if your relationship was fit to you, rather than you trying to fit into your relationship?”

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Chemistry in Relationships: How Sexy, Confident Women Add That Spice
Bare With Me Newsletter, July 2008

3701-003101Chemistry in relationships:  we all want the connection and sensual spark that’s there in the beginning to stay there as the relationship grows.   But chemistry in relationships is often a mystery – what it is, how to harness it, and why, so often, it flickers and fades. The other night as I was sitting with a friend, waiting to get into a hot tub spa, she was telling me about her Master thesis, an extensive research project into chemistry in relationships, with an angle on what makes a woman most sexy and attractive. She boiled sexiness and attractiveness down to two things …

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Making An Asana of Myself
New York Spirit Magazine, December/January 2008

nakedyogalaughAs I get ready for Yoga class, I begin mentally picking out what I am going to wear: are my favorite pants clean? It’s a chilly day, maybe I’ll need any extra layer for warmth? And then I remember, where I am going, I won’t be needing clothes.

If I am going to write a column on the burgeoning phenomenon of Naked Yoga, I sure better experience it firsthand. I have no idea what to expect, but I know for sure my bag is lighter than usual…

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The Happy Woman Quotient
New York Spirit Magazine, October/November 2007

84227894I recently ran across this quote by Leslie Temple Thurston: “Many years ago, I found myself asking Spirit what it would take to save the world. And the answer came clearly and immediately: a lot of enlightened women.” This doesn’t mean a lot of women ACTING enlightened, or behaving in the “enlightened” fashion de jour. This means a lot of women fed by the realization of who they are, awake to their nature, alive with the privilege of being a woman, turned on, turned up, full of light; and then living, acting and behaving from there. How exactly are women the key to “save the world?”

To fully answer this, I've spent the past two years throwing myself headlong into research of this seemingly elusive (so often for women particularly) condition, happiness.

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Meditating On Desire
New York Spirit Magazine, August/September 2007

meditondesire2I am in a 10-day silent meditation retreat, and for 10 hours each day I am learning the practice of Dhamma, which is what the Buddha taught after becoming enlightened. I have a couple hours a day that aren’t dedicated to meditating, and my thoughts run clear and fluid. I think about a lot of things (including my business marketing plan and ice cream), but mostly about the nexus of spirituality and sexuality. Under the microscope of my research and experience, these two seemingly opposing paths actually run along the same groove, until one sticky rut: desire. How many times have we heard that the cessation of desire is the way to alleviate suffering and reach enlightenment?

A few days after returning home, I share my thoughts and questions with Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste in San Francisco: are spiritual enlightenment and desire compatible?

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Enlightened Sex in the City
New York Spirit Magazine, June/July 2007

enlightsexcityWhether or not you consider yourself a spiritual seeker, there exists in all of us a part that longs – through the unique song of our human lives – for some aspect of divinity or enlightenment. But that exalted term “enlightened” covers a wide range: a spiritual state of union with the divine; acting intentionally and mindfully; being insightful, aware, informed and cultivated; or the capacity to live from gratitude, openness and joy, regardless of circumstance.

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Modern Romance: Redefining Relationship
New York Spirit Magazine, February/March 2007

modromanceAlthough love and relationship are often the most important areas in our lives, they are also where we experience the most confusion and suffering.
The relationship models we have inherited don’t fit us so well. We have few tools or skills with which to navigate ones we are in. Or we can’t seem
to find one at all. As the traditional boundaries of life and love seem less and less applicable to our current lives, navigating sex and relationship in
the quickly-evolving landscape of 21st century life calls for nothing short of a revolution of relationship re-definition.

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The Joyful Work of Becoming Attentive and Inventive
Bare With Me Newsletter, January 2007

72890664LiYana tackles two timely questions posed by ReDefining Monogamy readers:

“My boyfriend and I work together, creating and teaching partner yoga workshops. We always manage to get things organized for our events but generally wait until the last minute because when we get together we get off track, in a good way. How can we establish a “working space” with a different energy than our personal space?”

“I love to have prolonged sex with my partner and nothing gives me more pleasure than when she reaches climax. The problem is that as she’s about to, the energy gets so strong that I ejaculate moments before her and cannot continue to bring her to completion. What can I do so that I am not so affected by her energy and able to focus more on her than me?”

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A Self-Designed Obstacle Course
Bare With Me Newsletter, August 2007

10186187LiYana Silver, of Re-Defining Monogmy's Newsletter, "Bare With Me," addresses the questions…
"What makes women happy and radiant?"
"What inspires men become kings?"
"What are the two ways to win and one way to lose?"

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Mosquitoes and Happiness
Bare With Me Newsletter, June 2007

84283532LiYana Silver, of Re-Defining Monogmy's Newsletter, "Bare With Me," explores the "Felicitus Calculus" and the karma of mosquito incarnation.

Read on for more on how my month in Thailand inspired this Newsletter issue’s title!

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Interview with Gerry Goodman
Bare With Me E-Newsletter, August 2007

Find the surprising answers to the following questions:
What makes women happy?  What makes men happy?
How can women make men happy?  Why are women angry?
What are some favorite shortcuts to head off an argument or conflict? Is there value in conflict?
What's the way for all parties to win in any situation?


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