From podcasts and e-courses to newsletter archives, book-lists and my favorite websites, these resources will fortify your research in the tastiest of ways.

Free Podcasts: Each free relationship podcast offers you download-able tips, tools and relationship vitals from LiYana (and guest experts) in sound-byte sized morsels for your ipod, computer or PDA.

Free Ecourse: The ReDefining Monogamy Primer: Your Starter-kit and Basic Tool-box for Creating Extraordinary Relationships. An 8-week email-based, home-study course, giving you simple information and practical exercises. Think of it as Relationship Literacy Head-Start Program.

Free Tele-Classes: Communication, sex, decoding the opposite sex, being a powerful woman AND in partnership, sexuality as spirituality, jealousy, cheating , how to get a divine sex life … These are just some of the topics you can get in on in each “Ask LiYana” free relationship tele-class.

Interviews with LiYana: You’ll never know what questions I’ll be answering, what simple truths I’ll be laying down, or what laughs I’ll be sharing with my quick-witted colleagues on these fresh and feisty interviews.

Newsletter Archives: Check out past issues of Re-Defining Monogamy’s quarterly newsletter, Bare With Me: an irreverently reverent romp through the wilds of re-defiining monogamy. Each issue is a bursting package of articles, resources, interviews, answers to your questions, exercises and surprises – designed to edify you, fortify you and show you an exceptionally good time!

Articles & Advice: Explore timely topics like the phenomenon of Naked Yoga and how desire and enlightenment come to be kissing cousins; get advice on boyfriends and pornography, when to love – or leave – monogamy, and how to keep erotic connection on high if you and your partner work from home.

Recommended Books & Websites: An eclectic and inspired collection of some of my favorite Websites and Books (as well as people, products and services) to further help you on your journey of re-definition!

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