Making Sense of Non-Monogamy:

A Practical Guide


the Clueless, the Curious & the Serious


Are you:

  • Frustrated, confused and struggling to get your needs met in your relationships?
  • Curious about "open" relationships, "Polyamory" and non-monogamy – but are not sure if they're just code for "cheating?"
  • In love and deeply committed but are still curious "what else, or what more, is out there?"
  • Considering that the relationship your parents and grandparents had is almost what you're looking for but not quite up-to-date enough for who you are in this lifetime?
  • "Out of the box" when it comes to love, but don't know where to look or what to do – and still keep it honest?

LiFeetSmall" Just about once a day I pinch myself and ask: 'is this extraordinary, delicious, utterly divine relationship life really mine?'

I have to tell you, I wanted what we all want: a white night on a white horse to bring me a white dress and sweep me off my feet to our white house with a white picket fence against the sunset we just rode off into.

Actually, that's not really what I wanted. I really wanted a partner, a friend, a soul-mate, a hot lover. I wanted sexual adventure and freedom along with safety and commitment. I really wanted black-belt level communication skills, deep intimacy, absolute trust and a deep connection that was truly sustainable. I really wanted to feel happy, sexy, radiant, confident, devoted and loving – and to get all those things thrown right back at me.

I wasn't born a relationship innovator. I didn't create what I have now, overnight. In fact, when one white night didn’t quite measure up, my eye – or heart, or body – strayed to a different white night. I lied, I cheated, got bored of, felt confined by or otherwise messed up every relationship I was trying so hard to make work. And I started to wonder what was wrong. Was it me? Was it the white nights? Was it the model of the whole white vision?

Discover how I created this extraordinary relationship-life I marvel at each day. Discover how I escaped the claustrophobic, incongruent world of 'conventional relationships' by creating a creative, flexible, open relationship that is not only deeply committed and honest, but just gets hotter and more fun all the time!

My relationship thrills me beyond what I was raised to think possible. And of course it wouldn't work if it didn't work for my partner, too. We both experience all the passion, intimacy and affection we deeply want – and both experience being loved and appreciated for all of who we are!

I created this product to save you years and tears, and so that you can begin to create your own extraordinary relationship that allows you to color however far outside the lines of monogamy you want.

And so that you can start pinching yourself daily as well!"

signature purple

~ LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert
11:38am, July 28th, 2009

If you are considering something other than monogamy (what I like to call "monogamy-plus," "creative monogamy," "non-monogamy" or "Polyamory") or are thinking that an open relationship "love-style" may be for you, but are in need of vetted resources and solid advice on how to make it an honest, responsible reality, then Making Sense of Non-Monogamy: A Practical Guide for the Clueless, the Curious & the Serious was created just for you!

"Let me just say… WOW!!! I have found this to be such a huge relief, as you've put into words what I've been trying to express. Thank you for providing this content and for coming into my life at a time I need this type of help/support the most with my current relationship situation."
~Teena, Rhode Island

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Your investment is protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
If you don't get what you want, I don't want your money.


" … one of the best resources for couples considering
alternatives to monogamy. I sincerely thank you
for making this information easily available."

~ Mike, Vancouver

What your Making Sense of Non-Monogamy kit includes:

Nearly four hours of podcast class recordings:

MSNMCDBox200x172Class One:
Polyamory 101
(audio recording)

LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert welcomes Sexpert and author of Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, Tristan Taormino, along with sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko. We give you a full and feisty introduction to the world of non-monogamy, define terms like “open,” “polyamory,” “poly-fidelity,” etc. We cover why people would choose open relationships over monogamy and where to look for the best poly-relationship resources.

MSNMCDBox200x172Class Two:
How to Start an Open Relationship and Poly-Dating
(audio recording)

Managing director of the Loving More non-profit and Loving More Magazine, Robyn Trask, aalong with sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko, join LiYana for a humorous and insightful discussion about poly-dating, where and how to find people open to the idea of multiple relationships, and how best to start an open relationship from scratch!

MSNMCDBox200x172Class Three:
Opening Up Your Existing Relationship
(audio recording)

Author of Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage, Jenny Block engages LiYana and Reid in a frank and funny conversation on how to open up a previously closed relationship (and how not to), the best tools and approaches for successfully transitioning from monogamy to polyamory without destroying your relationship – and what practical resources to use.

The Making Sense of Non-Monogamy Workbook

MSNMWorkbook200x184Designed as a companion to the Class Recordings, this 44-page workbook compendium an d resource guide can be used to follow along with each call or read separately. It covers:

  • The salient points and ideas contained in each class recording
  • Definitions for common non-monogamy and Polyamory terms and lingo
  • Practical exercises and homework to take what you’re learning and begin applying it to your life
  • An extensive resource guide of the books, websites, and organizations that are mentioned throughout the Class Recordings
  • Bios and contact information for each of the relationship experts on the Class Recordings

"Thank you for providing such important, educational – and fun! – information."
~ Elana, Connecticut

Plus, over $257 in irresistible bonuses:

Free Bonus #1:
One Size Does Not Fit All: Finding Good Matches for Different Poly Relationship Styles
with Dr. Beth Leszczyn
(audio class recording)

You might be surprised to find out that research suggests that being a “good fit” for one another is as critical, if not more so, than a romantic connection or “chemistry.” When it comes to Polyamory, your Poly-Style figures into the equation, too! In this delightfully funny and informative talk given by Dr. Beth Lesczyn on poly relationship styles, you will: Figure out what your “Poly-Style” is and how to determine whether a potential poly partner would be a good match for you; and learn what is important to have in common when in a relationship and what traits and attitudes are an added benefit when they’re different.

Free Bonus #2:
Batting The Eight-Armed Octopus of Jealousy
with Dr. Beth Lecszen and Reid Mihalko
(audio class recording)

When it comes to jealousy, many of us are left feeling like superstitious sailors who whisper of an almighty leviathan that will inevitably come for us. And when the Green-Eyed Monster rises from our emotional depths, we usually find ourselves powerless to stop it’s many arms from tearing our relationship-world apart.  Join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko and Dr. Beth Lecszen for their latest informative and humorous tele-class designed to help you tackle the ugly, eight-tentacled octopus of jealousy! It’s time YOU learned how to kick jealousy’s butt!

Free Bonus #3:
Now and Forever: Why You Are Always Attracted to The Wrong Person
with Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver
(audio class recording)

Maybe you find yourself attracted to the same great type over and over – but they never stay. Perhaps they start out intensely perfect, only to disappoint you again in oh-so-familiar ways. Or maybe you find yourself in a cycle of settling for less than what you hope is possible. Find out once and for all, with this simple writing exercise and discussion, why it is that you are always attracted to the wrong person – what in your past created it, and what to do about it now so your relationship future isn’t a dull, distressing re-run, but full, bright and satisfying!

Free Bonus #4:
Poly What?
with Polyamory Experts, Marcia Baczynski and Birgitte Philippides
(audio class recording)

Curious to hear even more about about open relationships, from the mouths and lives of experts, Marcia Baczynski and Birgitte Philippides.  Get history, definitions, do's and don't's and examples of differnt ways to construct your relatioship outside the lines of monogamy, in the realm of "Polyamory."  These women are wise, welcoming and wicked smart; they are eductated, elludicating, and impactful.

Free Bonus #5:
Free Subscription to LiYana’s Redefining Monogamy Mailing List!

  • Bare With Me: my stimulating, saucy quarterly newsletter
  • Weekly Mini’s: juicy, bite-sized relationship tips
  • The Skinny: zesty, compelling upcoming events
  • PLUS: Two Bonus Reports:
    – Keeping Cool: Top Ten Ways To Diffuse Reactivity
    – A Strict Diet of Self-Approval

“Just because we don’t usually talk about
these things, doesn’t mean they are bad.
Fun, and positively enlightening!”

~ A. H., Los Angeles

What you will experience and learn in Making Sense of Non-Monogamy:

Designed to give you useful information that’s delivered in a frank, enjoyable conversations without judgment or preaching, and reinforced by a workbook with bonus exercises, homework, and resources, Making Sense of Non-Monogamy will guide you from a basic understanding through self-exploration and into pragmatic, real-life application so you can try on and feel out if non-monogamy is for you!

  • Learn more about what kinds of relationships fulfill you the most
  • Discover better ways to communicate what you’re looking for
  • Figure out how to pick the best people for you to date
  • Find out what mistakes people make in Poly-dating and poly-relating – and how to avoid them!
  • Learn how to be a better partner to the ones you love while opening up your love life to more adventure!
  • Begin upgrading your relationship skills so that, no matter what relationship style you choose, you’re just better at relationships, period!

"This is honest stuff, not showing the kind of "spiritual bypassing" that I sometimes see in self-improvement circle. There is no flattening out of affect & the wild & rougher to feel comfy. And you do NOT show a mercantile/profit driven streak, seeming instead to come from genuine affection."
~ Mitchel, New York

Join me along with some of the world's leading open-relationship experts and explore non-monogamy and Polyamory in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

And, you can do it risk free!

As a woman and a Relationship Expert and Coach, I know the value of being able to assess the value of what you invest in – and change your mind if you aren't satisfied.

And so, this series of audio podcast class recordings, workbook, bonuses and resource guide comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy:
A Practical Guide
the Clueless, the Curious, the Serious



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For those of us peeking our heads out of the box of conventional relationships, there aren't a lot of resources and role models for effective ways of understanding and exploring new paradigms of relationships, so I gathered some of the best relationship frontiersmen and frontierswomen I know of and created the content that was needed.

Amanda"These are important steps that I now know to take … so that I come from a place of love, rather than fear, when I reach back out to my partner."

"I never liked how disempowered I felt when jealousy took over in my previous relationships. It had a way of keeping me in fear and scarcity and crippling me from feeling like the empowered woman in relationship that I'm meant to be.

By using this material, I no longer look at jealousy as something to fear, but instead, as a teacher that has shown up to teach me to look at how I may really be feeling, where it originates from, like a past experience or not voicing my needs or getting them met, sitting with that, and then, if necessary, finding the words to communicate my sorted feelings to my partner.

These are important steps that I now know to take, and they are helping me build compassion for myself to sit with my feelings long enough so that I come from a place of love, rather than fear, when I reach back out to my partner."

Amanda Coggin, Writer
San Francisco

Becca"… many views, practical information, new exploration and examples of different configurations of loving relationships"

"Anyone who has explored alternatives in loving relationships is aware of the complexity. The thing I enjoy about LiYana's work most is her clarity. Her work offers many views and practical information that allow for new exploration. She also widens our perspective with examples of different configurations of loving relationships.

Love is too much to contain or label. And it feels great to align with leaders like LiYana who are willing to take off the veils covering our relationships and explore connecting deeper.

Brilliant, yes!"

Rebecca Osborne, CMT, Community Facilitator and Sensuality coach
Hawaii & San Francisco

Jenny Block"… there really is hope for a lot of us to have long term relationships that other people understand even if they don't look familiar to everybody."

"I want to say how appreciative I am to be a part of these conversations, because it always gives me hope that this really can work and this really can be bigger.

And that there really is hope for a lot of us to have long term relationships that other people understand even if they don't look familiar to everybody."

Jenny Block
Author, Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage
New York City

reid_mihalko_testimonial"Whether you're in one relationship or in five, you really need these skills!"

"Whether you're in a monogamous relationship or a polyamorous one, the things that make one relationship work well are the same that make five relationships work well.

And when you're in five relationships, you really need these skills."

Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationship Educator
New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco

So how much does Making Sense of Non-Monogamy cost?

Ask yourself the question… “How much is the extraordinary relationship-life of my dreams worth to me?”

Really think about it… the class recordings, all the bonuses, the expert advice, tools, tricks and tips for living and loving openly, direct from the minds and mouths of some of the world’s leading authorities with decades of experiences all jam-packed inside the Making Sense of Non-Monogamy Kit what’s it really worth?

$500? $750? How about $1,000?

With the incredible amount of content you’re getting, many would say that it’s a steal at $1,000.

But I refuse to do that.

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy costs a lot less than you think…

I was once where you are right now, trying to figure out who I was in relationship, what made me happy, and how to find people who understood me and could love me for simply what I am, and I know how hard it can be to balance your love life and your work life. It’s hard enough to have one fulfilling relationship, a 9-5 job, friends, family, kids, etc…. Breaking free of conventional relationship models and investing in your dream love life can seem SO daunting that we’ll use any excuse to say No…
So I’ve priced Making Sense of Non-Monogamy at a level everyone can afford just to remove the excuse that “it costs too much.” I want you to have the relationship life you want – and deserve! – and when this helps you, I know you’ll spread the word, gimme some sugar, and I’ll make my money that way because everyone will be ordering Making Sense of Non-Monogamy!

So, I’ve made it easy for you. No reinventing the wheel, no major outlay of your hard-earned cash, and no excuses to say No…

The entire Making Sense of Non-Monogamy package
can be yours today
for only $97.00


Order Making Sense of Non-Monogamy Today
100% Risk Free!

order_now_buttonPicture 1

Your investment is protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
If you don't get what you want, I don't want your money.


Please note that I do reserve the right to increase the price at any time, and I have done a couple of times already.

"The classes helped me to gain more confidence. The biggest problem I had and still have is a fear that my partner will find someone so much better than me and dump me, but I am starting to believe more and more that is not the case. He does admire and cherish me and is not looking for a better replacement. I am also feeling better about myself that I do not need to hold on to him so tightly. Things are just getting better and better."
~Tina, New Jersey

Like it did for Tina, this will save you years and tears.

How do I know this? I was you once…

I wasn't born a relationship innovator. To be blunt, I messed up every single relationship before the one I am in now – I lied, cheated, smothered them, scared them off, pretended to be something other than I was … you name it.

I really tried to do it right. I wanted a white knight on a white horse and a white house with a white picket fence – and all that is supposed to come with that. I really tried hard to fit myself into a model of a monogamous, long-term, committed relationship like I knew we all should. When my eye wandered, I knew I could never really go for what I wanted and be honest and open about it. And when the hard stuff came up, I certainly didn't know how to communicate worth squat.

After unintentionally hurting many, many good people, and getting quite burnt myself over the years, I began to ask, "What am I missing here?" And I dedicated the rest of my life to finding those missing pieces, amassing an education so I could have what I so very much wanted: an extraordinary, hot, fun, amazing relationship with an incredible man!

I set about learning everything I could get my hands on about romance, partnership, open relationships, monogamous relationships and the history of marriage, sex, erotic intelligence, man/woman dynamics, developmental psychology and communication. If someone was giving a lecture, I would go. If there was a seminar, I'd take it. A book, I'd read it. I've worked with clients and couples in private sessions for over 8 years. I taught workshops in major US cities and retreats in exotic locations to further refine my information. I sought out the experts and I interviewed them. Some of them even became my friends. I experimented tirelessly in my own relationship.

Through this process, I learned something:

* Healthy, sustainable, rewarding open relationships are possible!

* And there are helpful hints, tips, tools and skills to making non-monogamous relationships work!

I was relieved to discover that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel, or crash and burn every relationship for years on end in order to finally learn how to "fly" when it came to open relationships. Finally, I had the tools necessary to manifest the relationship life of my dreamy dreams!

Today, I have that extraordinary, hot, fun, amazing relationship – and it all started with the questions:

* How could we both get what we both wanted?

* How could we have commitment, honesty and knock-your-socks-off communication along with the freshness, flexibility and freedom of non-monogamy?

Friends and colleagues tell me all the time they want to have a relationship like the one I have with my partner.

  • How did I get honest – and wildly happy about it?
  • How did I get this great guy to happily commit to me by giving him his freedom?
  • How do we navigate our flexible, fluid, often non-monogamous relationship and exploring non-monogamy?
  • How do we get through the rough and rocky patches?

There's a community, a movement and a large support network of people who think, act and love outside the confines of conventional relationships.

I've collected the brightest, most experienced and most passionate experts around to share with you the answers to all of this, to introduce you to responsible non-monogamy and Polyamory, to give you the information, practices, resources and tips to create a relationship you are excited to be in – one that is built with you in mind.

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy:

A Practical Guide
the Clueless, the Curious & the Serious!



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Your investment is protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
If you don't get what you want, I don't want your money.


I'm so completely sure that Making Sense of Non-Monogamy will meet & exceed your needs – that I offer a 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not completely satisfied with any aspect of Making Sense of Non-Monogamy, even if it's on the last hour of day number 30, all you have to do is let me know and I'll insist that you let me refund your money directly …

Sound fair?

  • So download Making Sense of Non-Monogamy.
  • Listen to the Class Recordings and study the workbook.
  • Then do some of the exercises and practice some of the communication exercises with your friends and loved ones.
  • If, after doing that, you have not convinced yourself that you can begin to create the relationship life of your dreams, then contact me and I will refund 100% your money… up to a FULL 30 days after your purchase.

No hassles. No kidding. AND you can keep all the extra bonuses you received. Everything! It's yours, as a thank you for considering the work I am so passionate about and for taking Making Sense of Non-Monogamy for a test drive…

Are you going to stay on your current relationship course and keep struggling in your love life or, worse, go on stuck with a love life that is lack luster with that gnawing feeling like something is missing… or are you going to take charge of your future and embark on exploring what is possible and putting into practice… a love life that you love!

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy is the answer you've been searching for and I've made it as simple and as irresistible as possible to get started, and all you have to do is click the link below …

starYES! I do want to order Making Sense of Non-Monogamy with the workbook filled with tips, insights and exercises to help me create the extraordinary non-monogamous relationship life I
dearly want!

starYES! I understand that I will receive recordings for Classes 1-thru-3 plus the Workbook plus the bonuses!

starYES! I understand that you have a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee, and that if I'm not completely satisfied, then I can ask for a full refund.

starYES! I would like to receive all the Bonuses!

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your Making Sense of Non-Monogamy kit, and the accompanying bonuses.

If you want to join the tens of thousands who are already exploring non-monogamy, order today:

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy:

A Practical Guide
the Clueless, the Curious & the Serious!



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Join me along with some of the world's leading open-relationship experts and explore if open relationships, non-monogamy or Polyamory is the "lovestyle" for you!

We realize that non-monogamy isn't for everyone, but how would you know unless you checked it out,, thoroughly, right?

Now you can learn about consensual non-monogamy in the privacy of your own home without having to attend a costly conference or workshop or go on a painful date.

You can start opening up your view of what's possible in relationships today, and at no risk to you!

This amazing kit contains everything you need to begin exploring non-monogamy!

You might be thinking to yourself, "Ok, I'm really curious about this non-monogamy stuff, but I'm nervous! I'm afraid that I'll ruin the relationship I already have if I try to open it up, or that no one will want to date me if I'm not monogamous."

As someone who's been there, I realize that there IS a lot to consider, especially when you've been raised with conventional relationship models like marriage and monogamy or been knocked around by the dating scene. It's hard enough to get one relationship working well, right? So it only stands to reason that the thought of having more than one relationship might sound like suicide!

However, if you're anywhere near where I used to be in my relationships, I'm here to let you know that there are tools and perspectives that can help you become more self-expressed and more confident in your relationships regardless of what that looks like for you.

If you even think you might want to try open relationships, or just be able to breech the subject of it with your partner, than Making Sense of Non-Monogamy is going to quell many of your fears!

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy participants have already discovered…

Where to look on the Web for the best polyamory resources: No more having to Google search and click through countless webpages! We will direct you to the websites and organizations that supported us in creating the relationships we've always wanted! Don't waste time and energy scouring the world wide web for the best resources when we can spoon feed you the best of the best!

Learn the communication tools that allow us to have open relationships – and multiple relationships – running smoothly: The skill sets that allow us to sustain multiple relationships are the same skill sets and tools that it takes to have one relationship thriving. Whether you are polyamorous or monogamous, these tools will help you upgrade your relationship experiences!

Avoid having to reinvent the wheel: Why should you have to make the same mistakes we made! The expert advice contained in this product was hard-earned, so take advantage of our combined decades of research and hands-on living and loving openly, and catapult you and your loved ones into sustainable open relationships. Increase your relationship learning curve instantly and go from reinventing the non-monogamy wheel to speeding down the relationship highway towards the destination of your dreams!

Learn how to locate and distinguish the best poly-dating prospects for you to start an open relationship with: Discover our easy methods and communication tools to identify whom you should be dating and whom you shouldn't so you can stack the dating deck in your favor!

Learn innovative communication tools to help you open up your monogamous relationship with less drama! There are no shortcuts to "doing the relationship work," but there are some great tools and skill sets that will keep relationship drama and emotional fallout from destroying the love and intimacy that you already have. Take advantage of these wonderful lessons!

And we open up and share from our own life experiences, so you know that what we're talking about is possible! We want you to know that not only are open relationships possible, but that you deserve the relationships in your life that make you happy to be alive. We were able to do it and you can, too!

Learn how to avoid the common Poly-dating mistakes Benefit from our years of experience, avoid simple mistakes, and learn and laugh when we share our war stories.

Learn what words, lingo, and phrases to use so you can language and ask for what you want clearly and effectively: Polyamory is still relatively new as a "relationship expression" so listen in and learn to how we talk about it. Hear the words, phrases and lingo we use so you can begin to figure out how to talk to others confidently about non-monogamy and Polyamory.

Upgrade your relationship and communication skills regardless – no matter what kinds of relationships you eventually decide work best for you, become remarkably better at relating, communicating effectively and creating intimacy than you were before you ordered this kit!

Get the best advice in the poly world from the best of the best in open relationships: Really, we're not theorizing about non-monogamy, we're actually living and loving it! Let us make the sometimes arduous journey into the world of non-monogamy easier on you and your loved ones!

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy is an amazing resource and learning opportunity designed to help you with your journey into the uncharted seas of open relationships. Together, we can make "setting sail" a whole lot calmer…

"This course is filling in a lot of blanks that were always there for me… Each piece is helping me build a nice foundation. It's wonderful to move forward and learn how to communicate effectively as I deal with trying to open up relationships."
~Rob, Colorado

Making Sense of Non-Monogamy:

A Practical Guide
the Clueless, the Curious & the Serious!



Picture 1

I can't wait for you to get started!

To your extraordinary relationship and love life,

signature purple

~ LiYana Silver
Relationship Expert & creatrix of Re-Defining Monogamy

P.S. Many have taken advantage of the quick, easy, accessible method to learning about open relationships, non-monogamy, Polyamory and Poly-Dating… and you can too! Just click on the link below and you can have the best tools, advice and resources at your fingertips. And if you're not satisfied, I'll refund 100% of your money -guaranteed! You literally have nothing to lose!

P.P.S. Don't forget, I've created this to be one of the best and most up to date resources on non-monogamy and Polyamory. This is simply the best (and we think most fun) informational product on the alternative relationship marketplace today. And at this limited time price–with the massive amount of bonuses, extras, and one-time offers that are included–it's a DOWNRIGHT STEAL! So click below NOW to get started!

"These classes are full of intellectual candy. Really very educational, and I must confess that I really enjoyed this a lot. I keep using it!
~Rakel, Abuja, Nigeria

"…a living example of responsible hedonism."
~Greg, California

"I'm very much in favor of people discovering for themselves what agreements and boundaries they want their relationship to have, rather than just accepting the social standards without thought. Thanks for bringing more consideration and choice into the world."
~Jon, San Francisco

Order Making Sense of Non-Monogamy Today – 100% Risk Free!

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