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"Working with LiYana is like working with a sure thing!"

Kelly Drury, Entrepreneur
New York

If you want to step out of the relationship ruts of:

  • Dating the same type of person for decades; perpetual single hood; and feeling like you have to choose between YOU or the relationship.
  • Feeling bored, boxed-in and making each other miserable; your sexual and emotional intimacy dying.
  • Painful communication patterns that end in nagging, bickering and fighting; as well as possibly lying, hiding and cheating.

And if you would like to experience:

  • Being comfortable and confident in your own skin, and find yourself as potently attractive, radiant & sexy
  • Actually living the relationship you want most; communicating with ease, even in times of conflict and upset; deepening the trust and intimacy; and getting back and keeping alive your ecstatic, sensual spark
  • Exploring non-monogamy, honestly, safely and with integrity
  • Enjoying each other and actually having more and more fun!

Then we may be a good fit for in-depth sessions.

“Without these skills we learned with LiYana, we would have assumed we were incompatible, ditched the relationship and gone our separate ways. Getting the right insights and guidance has saved our relationship.”

Steve Munn, Retreat Center Owner & Shannon McCarthy., Artist

If you aren’t wildly satisfied and you don’t get what you want, I don’t want your money.

Since I guarantee our work together and that you'll get your desired results, we’ll need to be a great fit.

We’ll start with a 50-minute Exploratory Session.  Your spot is held with a $97.00 deposit.

Why a deposit? Ever noticed when your money's on the line, you show up?  😉  If you show up for our Exploreatory Session and we don't work further, you can have your deposit returned to you. If we do work further together, you can apply the $97 deposit.  And, if you don't show up for your session, you'll forfeit your deposit.

(Back when I was trying to figure all this out, I prayed for something like this, but could never find it!)

Start by completing payment by clicking here. You'll then fill out an intake form, and  choose your preferred days/time slot. Voila!

“Even after our first couple sessions, I saw immediate benefits which have continued to blossom in my life.”

Robert. Masterson, Corporate Trainer
New York

“The notion that how love shows up for me today and in my past relationships was formed by my experiences receiving and giving love as a child and watching my parents interact was monumental. How refreshingly simple and liberating it was to work with LiYana and re-frame that in my life right now. I'm so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began.”

Megan Franzen, Mom & Health and Wellness Coach
New York

We’ll focus on two places at once:

  • what you most dearly want and deeply desire
  • and what stops you from having that

…so that you can experience change with struggle.

Expect to be supported and challenged and plan to be in action in between sessions.
Plan for our work to be profound & light-hearted, swift & lasting, elegant & deeply respectful of our humanity.
Expect to be transformed, inspired and to experience that which you most dearly want.

If you have other questions, please Contact LiYana.

“When I started working with LiYana I felt full of potential, yet stuck in mediocrity. She was able to help me get into some very tight, very personal spaces and make very small adjustments; the ripple effects of these small shifts were huge! My whole outlook has changed, and I was finally able to move forward after a deeply painful divorce. And for the past two years, I have been in a beautiful new relationship, that we are both co-creating, from the ground up.”

Tazima Davis, Wellness Consultant
Washington, DC

What’s different about what I do from therapy?

“While speaking from the heart, LiYana gets right to the heart of the matter…”

Nancy Weiser, MBA
New York

I’ve focused my training on the heart-breaking puzzle of why people don’t change, even though they want to, work hard at it, or have tried everything. And I’ve focused on what actually allows for lasting change. So, in our work, we can elegantly shift unwanted, painful patterns, rather than just go round and round with them.

My approach outcome-based rather than process-based, offering the benefits of therapy in a swift time-frame. Instead focusing on explaining your past, our work is directed by your goals and desires. We respectfully focus on where you’ve come from; and with deep understanding of how that’s shaped your experiences today we weave it all into the fine fabric of what you most want now.

We can therefore do in 6-12 sessions, or in 3-6 months of time, what it might takes years to do inside of a traditional therapeutic model.

“My intention in working with LiYana was to unlock some of my subconscious ways of thinking that was blocking me from meeting "Mr. Right" vs. "Mr. Right now". She gently guided me in becoming aware of my negative thought patterns and how they have manifested, causing the pain and suffering my life. Since working with LiYana, I have been in a happy relationship with Mr. Right!”

Shireen Damagani, Textile Designer

“Working with LiYana has been fun and serious at the same time. I was able to open up freely, reflect and discover the ME that I never knew of. I’ll take this ME into a relationship – if and when the time is right to get in one. My life has transformed because of LiYana.”

Angela Su, Pharmacist

What makes me unique from other coaches or counselors?

I combine the accountability, proactivity and support of coaching with the insight, healing and care of counseling. I add to that information and practices you’ll try out in the laboratory of your real life, so you’ll experience lasting change without having to remember to be different.

Instead of being thrown off the scent by symptoms, I have the uncanny ability to identify and go straight to the heart of the issue, where the blocks or challenges live. I offer deep listening, intuition and warmth that allows me to “get” you immediately, as well as diverse education and in-depth training that allows me to see what structure, information or action is needed.

While open-minded, non-dogmatic and non-conventional, I am down-to-earth, pragmatic and grounded. I am as “pro-man” as I am “pro-woman” and work without a hint of shame, blame or taking sides. Whether it’s monogamous or non-monogamous, I offer the Nine Essential Ingredients needed for any relationship to flourish.

And perhaps most importantly, I walk my talk, I live what I teach and I only teach what works.

“I find it so incredible to learn from LiYana because she inspires me with the adventure and passion in her life – and she lives what she teaches.”

Rosalinda Paez, Chef
New York & Mexico

My background …

… includes over eight years in private practice as well as training and advanced studies in psychotherapy, developmental psychology, Neo-Reichian and Neo-Freudian modalities, Partnership Studies, nutrition and wellness, Holistic Health Counseling, Re-Evaluation Counseling and Masters-level Neuro-Linguistic Patterning.

Your goals and what you want most are the starting point for all our work, and I always have my eye to include the vital information and real-life tools you don’t know you don’t know. You’ll learn and integrate the Nine Essential Ingredients that are vital for ANY relationship to be lasting, satisfying and extraordinary. Our work together is swift, profound, lasting and elegant – and deeply respectful of our humanity.

“I love and respect LiYana the more I work with her. She has planted a beautiful seed in me that I am now cultivating into a long and quality relationship, with myself and others. I have never enjoyed myself this much! I have nothing more to say but Thank You.”

Pina DiPalma, IT Professional

“I am continually amazed by LiYana’s ability to listen – really listen – and provide spontaneous relevant insight. People keep asking me why I’m so shiny and smiley.”

Laura V., Student
New York

For more About Me and my training and background, click here.

To hear more from those who’ve worked with LiYana, click here.

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