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Perhaps our best fit is live and in-person, for weekend Workshop Intensives, a week-long Retreat Vacation or personalized coaching sessions.

Perhaps it's a combination of online and over the phone, for group relationship courses, interactive tele-classes or coaching sessions.

Or perhaps it's virtually through my at-home audio relationship courses, podcast recordings and interviews.

Giving you cutting-edge, usable tools  and skills that WORK, and relationship courses that will change forever what you know to be possible for your relationship life – that's my job.  Which you choose, in which order, and when, that's yours!

Live, In-Person Relationship Courses
Whether it is in a Workshop Intensive in a major US City or a Retreat Vacation abroad, there's simply no substitute for working together in-person, and intensively.  Most everyone begins here.

Coaching & Counseling
Individualized sessions, in person or over the phone, for both couples and individuals.  After a Workshop or Retreat, these sessions are the swiftest, most elegant way to incorporate bodily everything you learned.  The focus of these sessions is on what you want most and what stops you from experiencing it – so you can experience change without struggle.

Audio & Video Courses
When you can't make it to an in-person event, these are the next best – and wonderful unto themselves – things.  Downloadable media along with playbooks, course notes, exercises and resources.

Ebooks & Workbooks
When the written word is almighty and the pen is your sword, these are your babies, complete with in-depth information and exercises so you can incorporate the material easily into your everyday, real life.

Want a little bits and bites of LiYana to download to your ipod, computer or PDA?  Tips, tools and relationship vitals in sound-byte sized morsels for you on the go.

Live Tele-Classes
Delve into a key area of relationships like Communication Made Easy, Decoding the Opposite Sex or Got Sexy.  Or be a part of an interview with a fellow relationship expert.  Your chance to get your burning questions answered live with Ask LiYana  – or listen later in your PJs.

Interviews & Speaking Engagements
To arrange for LiYana to speak, teach, facilitate or present – at her best and at your service.

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