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Monday, June 1st, 2009

Red-Hot Body, Red-Hot Relationships


jenaI met my friend and colleague, Jena LaFlamme, over 8 years ago, while we were both studying holistic wellness and counseling. We were both struggling with eating disorders, weight issues
and relationship woes.  From macrobiotic cooking classes, conferences at Kripalu, contact improvisation dancing and zen meditation in India, I've experienced it all – and then some – with Jena.

Today, we are both successful business owners with booming private practices; we live, breathe and teach the secrets to vibrant wellness, healthy and balanced (red-hot) bodies and extraordinary and vibrant (red-hot) relationships.

We'd like to invite you to a free 2-part webinar series, where we'll share with you, each in turn, what we've mastered over the years.

Red-Hot Body, Red-Hot Relationships: Let two women who KNOW show you how!

To register:

Part 1: Red-Hot Relationships
The Nine Essential Ingredients for Passionate Partnerships for the 21st Century
with Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver

Tuesday, June 9, 2009; 5:30-6:30pm PST; 8:30-9:30pm EST

–  Confounded, confused and can't communicate with the opposite sex?
–  Discouraged when your relationship gets more loving & intimate, the sexual spark fizzles?
–  Want to stop unhealthy relationship patterns, but you're not sure if it's them, or if it's you?
–  Want to be yourself, but always feel like you have to choose between you or the relationship?
–  Daunted when it starts out so loving and sizzling, but turns into a fight-fest, over and over again?

Join Relationship Expert and Coach, LiYana Silver and get the revolutionary recipe guide for creating the intimate love relationships you hunger for.

If the Iron Chef got Naked, slipped into a sassy, classy lady suit and divulged her feisty, fresh formulas for creating tasty relationships, sex and intimacy – and passed out yummy samples at the end – that would be this webinar.

You will:

– Learn the nine essential ingredients that make any relationship sizzle – and lasting!
– Uncover the number one skill, without which your relationship is doomed
– Decipher your relationship blueprint – the first step in turning conflict into harmony (and so that you will  never get into a lame relationship again!)
– Learn simple communication tools that will get your needs met without nagging, diffuse reactivity and bring you more  satisfaction in the bedroom
– Find out why men and women appear to be different species –  and how to activate your translator for symbiotic, respectful relating
– Learn why in most long-term relationships the sex dies – and what you can do about it

Complete with vital information, lively Q&A and simple how-to's and tools you can apply to your life (tonight!), this hour-long, chock-full webinar will forever change what you know to be possible in relationships.

** You'll also get a special offer to be a part of a 11-week beta relationship coaching program with LiYana Silver!

To register:

To learn more about LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert & Founder of Re-Defining Monogamy :

Part 2: Red-Hot Body
The Seven Succulent Ingredients for a Body that Sizzles
with Weight-Loss Expert, Jena LaFlamme

Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 5:30 – 6:30pm PST, 8:30 – 9:30pm EST

–  How would you like to look in the mirror only to find a satisfying smile ripple across your face?
–  How would you like access to your metabolic hot buttons so that weight loss becomes a natural letting go of that which is no longer needed, as opposed to a forced and painful  restriction exercise?

If your relationship with food and your body feels more like a nightmare than a dream, like a fight than a friendship, do not resign yourself to a life of inner conflict, there is a way out.

I spent a decade vacillating between overeating and cruel food restriction, and in my search for the body of my dreams I tried everything under the sun. And nothing worked….until I came
across these teachings. These teachings worked for me to lose 20 pounds and you can too.

In the end, the answers were simpler than I ever could have imagined. My discovery? That the blue-print to easy, sustainable weight loss has been with you all along, in the very instincts of you own body, or as I call it, your "animal."

In this 60-minute free webinar you will:

–  Discover why "self-control" doesn't melt off the pounds and what really does.
–  Dissolve your despair with your stubborn body and replace  it with hope and inspiration that you too can have the body  of your dreams
–  Learn the key, delicious foods that will satisfy you and put an end to your cravings
–  The exercise secret that keeps weight on even if you are pounding the treadmill and has allowed me to maintain a slender figure without even stepping in the gym
–  Recognize where you may be inadvertently sabotaging your weight loss efforts and how you can get more satisfaction from food and make weight loss effortless

With these strategies, I have not only lost weight myself and kept it off for years without yo-yoing, but have helped hundreds of clients get the same results. You can too!

There's only room for a limited amount of you on the bridge line so if this interest you sign up immediately while there is still space.

To register:

To learn more about Jena LaFlamme, Weight Loss Expert & Founder and Director of  the Jena Wellness Center :


I look forward to having you on the red-hot pair of webinars!

Enjoy, LiYana

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