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Whether you missed it live or are listening again, I'm delighted you want to listen to the recording of ….

Why You Are Always Attracted to the Wrong Person:
The Five Secrets to Stepping Out of Relationship Ruts

The whole class revolves around a writing exercise, so make sure you are ready to write, and have either 3 sheets of paper or six or seven 3×5 cards (index cards) – and of course something to write with!

Fasten your seatbelts – it's an amazing, profound, powerful tele-seminar!


On the tele-seminar, you'll get a special offer for my upcoming 10-week programs:

84227894For Women
Living Radiance:
10 Weeks to Sexy, Vibrant and Confident – in and out of relationships!

Begins September 16, 2009


85827877For Partners
Living Partnership:
10 Weeks to Extraordinary Partnerships

Begins September 14, 2009



Click here too get a VIP pass to the front of the line for the few spaces that are left!
(Partners: 2 spaces left; Women: 3 spaces left).

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Click here to listen now to the recording of the tele-seminar.

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To your extraordinary, flourishing relationship life – with yourself and others,

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LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert

Creatrix, ReDefining Monogamy


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