The Power To Choose

Re-Defining Monogamy is an invitation to step out of whatever box you currently find yourself in.

Most likely that is a box that says relationships should be monogamous, between two people – preferably a man and a woman – for a lifetime.

There's much about monogamy that works, which can be the basis of a great relationship model. Love one person thoroughly and with all of yourself. Stick it out. Be honest, be true.

And there's much about it that doesn't work so well.

I invite you ask big, real questions, to develop discernment, to get to know yourself and what you want, thoroughly, so that you can freely, truly choose to create your (fun, sustainable and satisfying!) model relationship.

It is my hope to restore your power to choose.

The power to choose is our unique human ability. And very few of us harness the power of choice, especially in relationships.

You might choose to create a traditional monogamous relationship that is lasting, juicy and successful, and it is equally possible that you might choose to create a relationship that doesn't quite conform to monogamy in the traditional sense, but is some tailor-made cocktail of sensual freedom and emotional commitment. Or some version I could never think up.

But regardless of the type of relationship, I invite you to CHOOSE it because it is the expression of who you are and it is conducive to the life you want to be living and to the values you want to embody, rather than because it is what you are told you are supposed to want.

Choose it, create it, and cultivate it as the extraordinary vehicle it can be: a vehicle for your personal growth, profound partnerships and real-life spiritual practice.

A re-definition of what you want in relationships is admittedly not the easiest thing to do in a climate that pushes one specific version of relationship, with pretty hard consequences if you choose outside the norm.

But it is way less hard and way less scary to do with tools and practical applications, with an intrepid guide (ME!), and a community of like-minded people having the same conversation as you.

Regardless of what model of relationship you create, the basic tools are the same.

And it is herein that I offer you these tools.

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