In This Website

Regardless of what form of relationship you create, relationships are an intensive journey both of sweet, calm water and formidable waves.

Regardless of what model of relationship you create, the basic tools are the same.

And it is these tools that I offer you herein – a blueprint so you can build a seaworthy boat.

What You'll Get in This Website:

Relationship With Yourself

It starts with you – knowing how you are wired, what your buttons are, what you love, what makes you tick. It starts with your ability to take responsibility for your own joy, sanity and health, before you can do it with another person. A solid Relationship With Yourself first allows you to have a great relationship with others.

Relationship With Others

Competency in relating with others (a skill set that got skipped right over in the curriculum of our 12+ years of school!), is vital for great relationships. You can find simple and practical application of things like communication, intimacy, honesty, commitment, and deciphering your partner in Relationship with Others.

For Guys Only

Women usually lead the pack in the area of self-improvement, and stereotypically have more ease in the realm of relationships. But relationships still don't work unless the woman's partner is in the same game and on the same page. And thus, I offer tools for you men, you extraordinary, brave men, willing to put your butts on the line in the unfamiliar territory of relationships. For you magnificent ones, check out: For Guys Only.

Secret Subjects

What about the searing sensuality, the sweet intimacy, the heavy petting with the divine? That's partly why you do all the hard work, right? Yes, there is some discipline, some internal excavation, some hard work to relationships, but what, you may be asking about the juicy, good stuff? For that, there are Secret Subjects.

Free E-Course

Maybe you are the type of person that wants to skip the whole darn website get in on the action and put it all into practice. If so, I invite you to sign up for my free E-Course, "Re-Defining Monogamy Primer."

Coaching With LiYana

Or maybe you want a more individualized option and would like to talk with me about your challenges and desires in relationships. Check out my offer for a free 45-minute phone consultation in Coaching with LiYana.

Upcoming Events

Want to be a part of a group workshop in the Connecticut mountains, want to join a teleclass series or do a part retreat/part vacation in Costa Rica? Check out Upcoming Events with me.

About LiYana

Maybe you want to learn a bit about me and how I came to creating this site in the first place. And maybe to hear what other people who have worked with me have to say about it all. Do your bit of due diligence and check out About LiYana.

It could be that you are totally confused, ready to get back to surfing the web, sure I am a certified nutcase!

No worries – ReDefining Monogamy is not a path for everyone, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

But if, on the other hand, this resonates with you, if you are the type that wants an extraordinary, hand-crafted relationship, and an amazing, fulfilling life as a result, then it is you I have written this website for.

Dive in!

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