Age of Integration

We are living in what I call the Age of Integration.

We have a growing fascination of other cultures – their customs, fashion, spirituality, ancient traditions – and we wonder if there just might be something in all of it that might help make our own lives more satisfying.

The internet, relatively inexpensive global travel, the technology explosion, etc allows us to get anywhere, see anything, know about anything, communicate about anything, and check out what our "neighbors" across the globe are doing

So we mix and match. We wear cowboy boots and bindis. We practice Christianity with a Buddhist twist. We do yoga to Janis Joplin. We eat lasagne at Thanksgiving. We might try a sweat lodge and Karaoke in the same weekend.

We integrate, to create a spicy cocktail that thrills us, interests us and represents the multi-faceted beings we are.

Rather than vapid trend-following, it is our way of picking out the gems that we connect with, and creating a custom-designed crown.

I have harvested, sorted through, made sense of, and integrated many – often conflicting – "schools" of thought on relationships and monogamy, to present you with information, tools and exercises so you can get started, creating your custom-designed relationship, your perfect love.

I offer you an integration of ancient, traditional and modern philosophies of relationships, to redefine monogamy for the 21st century.

I invite you to check it out, chew on it, examine it, try it on, and experiment with it. You can choose which bits to discard and which you'd like to keep. Ultimately, you will naturally integrate only the elements that resonate deeply with the person you are.

This process of integration helps you to become more than the sum of your parts – more than anything you have inherited or could have invented on your own.

I invite you to apply this process of integration to your relationships, starting with the groundwork I've laid out in this website.

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