On Beyond Monogamy

This section is for you if you want a relationship with boundaries that extend somewhere beyond the area traditionally considered to be monogamy.

Maybe you know that you DON'T want what you see around you, but don't exactly know what it is that you DO want.

Or maybe you DO know exactly what you want, but don't feel OK with what you want, or don't know how to create it.

To help you navigate what is possible On Beyond Monogamy:

Ever read the Dr. Seuss book, "On Beyond Zebra?" It is one of my most memorable childhood books, and it tells the story of two kids who are practicing the normal A-Z alphabet at a school chalkboard, assigning A = apple, B = boy, all the way to Z = zebra.

But instead of stopping when they come to Z, they keep going, past the alphabet they know and have been told to practice. They go On Beyond Zebra, into a colorful, wild, wacky – and rhythmically rhymed, of course – Seussian world of all things possible if you don't stop at "Z."

Relationships don't have to be static or confining or conform to one label or another. Relationships are elastic, can shift as you do, can be a mix of what fully allows you to, healthily and honestly, express you.

Going On Beyond Monogamy could mean you create the freedom to be flirtatious, to be sensual with other people, to be sexual with partners other than your main partner, or even freedom to maintain more than one intimate and or sexual relationship. Or other colorful, wild, wacky and rhythmically rhymed things possible if you don't stop where monogamy usually has you stop.

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