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Adoration, and Other Causes for Celebration


Welcome to 2008!

What does LiYana say to men who are neither “macho jerk”s nor “new age wimps?”
What’s better than getting what you want?
What is a “love dog?”

Read on for the answers to these questions, and tips to make this year bring you
fullness, richness and ripeness!

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Whet Your Appetite: stimulating, saucy morsels
"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like
wrapping a present and not giving it."

 - William Arthur Ward

Love Dogs

One night a man was crying, Allah! Allah!
His lips grew sweet with the praising, until a cynic said, ”So! I have heard you calling out, but have you ever gotten any response?”

The man had no answer to that. He quit praying and fell into a confused sleep. He dreamed he saw Khidr, the guide of the souls, in a thick, green foliage.

”Why did you stop praising?”
”Because I never heard anything back.”
”This longing you express is the return message.”

The grief you cry out from draws you toward union.

Your pure sadness that wants help is the secret cup.
Listen to the moan of the dog for its master. That whining is the connection.

There are love dogs no one knows the names of.
Give your life to be one of them.

- Rumi
Grasp the Naked Truth: your burning questions answered

What does LiYana have to say to men who are neither
“macho jerks” nor “new age wimps?”

Join Falling Fruit’s podcast “The New Man” with Trip Lanier, Casey Capshaw and yours truly, LiYana Silver, “Looking to redefine your relationship with monogamy?”

“Every man has had wandering thoughts or wandering eyes at some point during his committed relationship. Most likely it happens every day! Should we be avoiding these thoughts—repressing them so we don't hurt our partners?

Absolutely not, according to LiYana Silver, it's part of what makes you a man. So why do our special ladies seem to get so pissed off about it?  It likely has to do with our ability to stay connected to them. If we can develop strong, healthy constant connection to our partners, there is no limit to our freedom. We might even go so far as to take our relationship outside of the normal rules of monogamous commitment if that's what we want to do, according to LiYana.

Listen as LiYana lets us in on the secret "Kryptonite" that melts the resistance and defensiveness of any woman in relationship to establish true, deep connection. This connection is liberating for men in relationship, as we will feel the reigns loosen through trust.”

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Widen Your Vision: cutting edge perspectives
What are “love dogs” and how can we learn to be more like them?
Introduced by LiYana Silver and fleshed out by Jeannie Zandi, enjoy:

Adoration and Other Causes for Celebration

by LiYana Silver

I have an acquaintance who, in his spare time, calculates the vibrational levels of things – places in the world (like Guam), plants (like bamboo), beings (like dogs), as well as individual people.  He calculates each’s vibration in relation to the vibration of love.  I am not sure how Guam or bamboo fares, but I remember dogs got a nearly perfect vibrational score; meaning dogs, those wiggly, enthusiastic, resilient, faithful creatures, are pretty much pure love.

I’ve been noticing lately all the ways I hold back and manage my emotions and expression of feeling – although who doesn’t to some extent?  I notice it in banal situations like holding back from crying in a TV commercial to more profound moments of fear of vulnerable connection with my lover.  Regardless, I cheat myself out of the experience of adoration, of sadness, of desire.  And the funny thing is that the experience is infinitely more beautiful, pure, amazing and full than the GETTING of whatever I might be adoring, feeling desiring.  It seems like an oxymoron, but the fulfillment is in the willingness to be swept away, the willingness to bear the intensity and emotion of the moment.

As a human species, in my opinion, we’re a bit too stuck on causality:  if I want something, I’d better get it; if I adore you, I’d better get you; if I am grateful for something, I should be considered a good person.”  But what if we are grateful even when our life circumstances are not behaving according to our plan?  What if we enjoy our desires, regardless of whether we got them?  What would it be like if we experienced experience for the pure experience of it, not for the outcome?

Simply Notice, Acknowledge, Adore, be unabashedly Grateful.  Your ability to experience these fully is a great cause for celebration.

Sweep Out The Chamber of Your Heart
by Jeannie Zandi, from the Sun Monthly

W had been teaching for decades, in fourth grade there was twenty-something Miss Walker at the chalkboard. Miss Walker in short skirts that showed her beautiful legs, Miss Walker with her electric-curler-created brown curls bouncing as she walked briskly down the hall. I would sign her name as if it was mine: Miss Nancy J. Walker. It was the first year I got straight As, and that was out of my deep adoration which demanded expression — I wanted to give something to she who seemed to lack nothing.

According to the dictionary, to adore is to “worship as God or a god” from the Latin adorare, which means “to pray to.” It is a deep, often rapturous regard that pours from the heart without concern for social custom or convention and, in its pure form, looks for nothing for itself but to love and pay homage to the beloved.

For the 13th-century mystic and poet Rumi, the adoration of his beloved teacher Shams of Tabriz led him into the wilderness of his heart, taking him through the depths of its dark pockets of longing and pain, and ultimately opening into the wide vista of his love for God and for all that is. The human heart, hung heavy with disappointments and sorrows, complete with sealed-off passages and hidden lonely caverns, longs to be known, to express itself fully in this world. It desires to bring the love that we are, beneath our accumulated pain and confusion, to this earthly plane through our eyes and our hands. For some, the yearning to live as love is so acute that there is no other choice but to travel this seemingly dangerous road of Rumi.

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Step Up:  simple ways to make a move
Excerpted from OneTaste/Man, December 2007

Most guys don’t know how to pay attention to a woman. They either talk about themselves or use flattery such as, "You’re so beautiful" to try and win her over. But if you want to get in with her, don’t flatter her. See her.

You can start by noticing the details of her face. The color of her eyes. The freckles on her cheeks. The mole to the right of her chin. The wrinkles around her eyes. Tell her what you see. Most women are dying to find a man who cares enough to notice them. It could be you.

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