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Friday, July 27th, 2007

Join the Revolution: Fall in Love

"Join the revolution: fall in love" – this is a quote on the wall of my friends' house where I was baby-sitting all last week. I love that 10-month old, so smiley and intent on walking, I even loved changing his diapers.

But I don't want to talk about baby sunshine. He's pure love already.

We live in a culture that bonds around what is going badly, what is wrong. We are steeped in a culture of fear. It is thought highly inappropriate to talk about what is going well. Can you imagine being at a cocktail party and talking about how great your hair looks today, how great you look in that suit, or how much you've been enjoying your life?

It is a revolutionary act to approve of yourself or others.
It is a revolutionary act to find the world and your life right rather than wrong.
It is a revolutionary act to fall in love with yourself, just as you are, in the midst of your life as it is, even before you become perfect (which you surely will one of these days…).

Imagine if the thing you were striving for was yours already. Imagine coming home to yourself, whole, happy, right now.

Join the revolution – fall in love with yourself right now, work-in-progress or not.
Fall in love with your life. Fall to your knees with gratitude with the privilege of being able to love, for no reason at all, for every reason there is…

It is OK to live and love even with an imperfect life and imperfect world. It's the only option we've got…

"You can open as love and live as love, even though
you are not fully received by those you love.

You can open as infinity and offer your deepest truth,
even though your gifts may be refused by those you want to serve.

You can live as openness even though your daily life
may seem tawdry in light of your heart's deepest shine."

– From "Blue Truth," by author and teacher David Deida

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