Is This You?

Chances are, you notice the same things as my clients and I do:

Relationships as we know them point toward the predictable path of stagnation, separation or annihilation. Relationships as we know them are fading and fizzling. Relationships that have been simply good cry out to be great.

Relationships as we know them are in need of re-definition.

All too often, relationships = ruts!

There is a crucial stage where you know if you don’t do something about it now, either your relationship life will die or an important part of you will have to. At this point, however, there IS a third option. My whole focus is on helping you create YOUR third option.

But before I can jump in and do so, it's important to see if this is YOU:

If you are a woman,

You feel like you’ve been dating the same type of person for decades. You are sick of the relationship ruts you keep falling in to, like your own private Groundhog Day. You are tired of perpetual single hood.
You can see you’re entangled in unhealthy relationship patterns, but can’t seem to get out of them. You experience painful and harsh commentary in your head reminding you all the ways you’re doing it wrong.
You feel like you have to choose between being powerful and being “you” – or being in a relationship.  You often feel confused by how to communicate, especially with men.  You want to have an extraordinary relationship with yourself before getting into your next one with anyone else.

    You want to be glowingly attractive and feel comfortable in your own skin, but nothing’s been working that well. You sense there’s something missing in your sensual life.  You feel the expressed, delicious you is just around the next corner … or the next … or the next ….

      If you are a couple, or in a partnership,

      You are sick of the relationship ruts – either sexual or emotional – you find yourself in. You are entangled in unhealthy emotional patterns, but not sure how to make your way out of them. You are struggling to not dissolve into “stupid” fights and misunderstandings.

      You are feeling boxed in, bored and/or making each other miserable – but still love each other.  You are clear that if you don’t fix some things now, it will all fizzle and fade. You don't want either an important part of you – or the relationship – to die.

        You are wondering whether to end it, or fully commit.Experiencing some kind of “crisis” in your relationship . You are deciding how to move forward, after the hurt and betrayal of cheating.

        You are not sure if the conventional ways of doing relationship are what you want, but not sure what else is out there.

          If you are a man,

          You are often confused by how to communicate, especially with women. You are sick of the relationship ruts you keep falling in to, like your own private Groundhog Day.

          You need your freedom but don’t want to be commitment-phobic. Often get bored, but know the answer is not changing it up for a new relationship. You want to have more easy access to your emotions, but want to a way that doesn’t erode your power or sense of self.

          You can see you’re entangled in unhealthy relationship patterns, but can’t seem to get out of them. You get frustrated when you give it your best, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

            You don’t even know if you want your relationship to be like the ones you see around you.

              I know it can be overwhelming. You look around and the odds aren’t that great for lasting, healthy relationships. You maintain hope that it IS possible, but the way there seems like uncharted territory.

              There’s not ONE WAY to be “happily ever after.” But there is YOUR WAY.

              Let me show you how it could go: Continue on to My Philosophy.

              "I wanted to unlock some of my subconscious ways of thinking that was blocking me from meeting "Mr. Right" vs. "Mr. Right now." I became aware of my negative thought patterns and how they have manifested into my life in a pervasive way. Since working with LiYana, and for the past two years, I have been in a happy relationship with Mr. Right!”

              Shireen Damagani, Textile Designer

              "Without these skills, we would have assumed we were incompatible and gone our separate ways. We got truly amazing results from applying simple things. Getting the right insights and guidance has saved our relationship. There's not constant doubt or questioning; we have more tolerance for each other as well as a sense of calm and peace. The challenging times have been fertilizer to grow; our relationship is blossoming even more so today than ever. We are living the relationship."

              Shannon McCarthy, Artist & Steve Munn, Retreat Center Owner

              "I always knew I was in the drivers seat in my life, but kept having lovers call me "crazy b*#ch" when I thought I was stepping into my power. I now have simple tools to make sure my needs are met, I am balanced, and to avoid the pitfalls of mis-communication, so that I can be the woman I want to be for my son, my family, my business and someday for a lover.”

              Megan Franzen, Mom & Health and Wellness Coach
              New York

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