how you are wired and what to do about it

"Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness."
~ James Thurber

How You Are Wired

As a developing young human, you had many specific experiences that shaped you and made you who you are.

And you, as all developing humans do, had specific reactions to these experiences, and your reactions were imprinted on your developing mind, kind of like deep pathways or grooves.

Your pathways or grooves become part of who you are, they become your patterns and habits. Some of these patterns and habits make you the brilliant superstar you are, and some are the kind that limit you, keep getting in your way, and you really want to shift.

Still with me, here? Good. Here's where it gets kind of hilarious.

Whenever one of your grooves or pathways are triggered, up comes your pattern. Even though it is something from your past that is being triggered, it feels and seems like it is happening presently.

Which is all fine and dandy until you realize you have been living out your whole life as patterns based on your reactions as a 3 or 4 or 5 year old.

See? Hilarious!

What To Do About It

Yes, really, there is good news. Up until reading this, you have been operating from a pretty limited level of self-awareness that I call "Hamster Wheel." You get triggered, up come your patterns, you react. Repeat sequence over and over again.

Kind of like a hamster running on its wheel, that doesn't even know it is running on its wheel.

But there is another level of awareness that I refer to as "Bird's Eye View." This means you are sort of looking down on yourself, noticing yourself get triggered, noticing yourself do your pattern, noticing yourself react, etc. You know you are doing it. You have the vantage point of a bird, looking down, seeing the larger picture.

So, rather than your patterns having you by the throat, and you not even knowing you are in their grips, with the Bird's Eye View level of awareness, you can begin to watch and notice your patterns and your reactions. This takes you out of a constant state of knee-jerk reactions, and, most importantly, offers you the power choice – to react differently than you usually do.

This is important:

The point, at first, is not to make your patterns go away. Remember, they are part of what make you extraordinary. The point is to cultivate this awareness, and then to begin to turn down the volume on the unhelpful patterns that are screaming incessantly in your ear, making you run like a hamster.

The aim is to recognize your patterns for what they are, as part of the way you are wired, and then to develop the power of choice around them.

To understand your wiring better, and to start experimenting with turning down the volume on your voices, I recommend you sign up for my free E-Course, and I walk you through just that in Week One.

I go over the next step in understanding what to do about your wiring, in Taking Radical Personal Responsibility.

No worries: I go through the simple steps to shift any of your patterns in Shifting Any Pattern: The 3 Essential Steps. If you want, you can skip ahead and go there now (rebel!), but it might all make more sense if you stay with me for right now.

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