Getting In The Game

You can play and get hurt.

Or you can NOT play and get hurt. Your choice.

What do I mean by the "getting in the game" of relationships?

By "game," I mean a set of activities with parameters, objectives and rules in which the players are involved wholeheartedly.

As with any game, you can sit in the stands and WATCH the game, or you can roll up your sleeves and get IN the game. Since either way, you're going to get dirty and hurt, I invite you to get your bum out of the bleachers, into the game and to play full out.

I in no way mean "game" in the sense of frivolity or insincerity.

I DO mean "getting in the relationship game" to be engaged with your full and whole self, rather than watching or commenting or reserving parts of yourself at a safe distance.

There is no way to get through this enigma of life without getting hurt. And there is no way to have an extraordinary relationship without getting hurt. (Although you may have noticed that you have developed many strategies banking on just that possibility!)

I suggest, since getting hurt is inevitable, why not go for it? Play the biggest game there is, the one that will teach you the most, get you the most love, wring out of you the most love you have to give, and offer you an extraordinary existence.

Get in the game of cultivating your model relationships.

Getting in the game might not be your thing. It is not for the faint of heart, and there are certainly easier ways to go through life that demand much less of you.

But if it is your thing, and if you want to play and play well, you need information, skills and tools that you probably never got.

And once you are IN, this is what the following pages are full of.

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