Five Senses Exercise

Time to set aside: 20-45 minutes, not including preparing your space

  1. Take some time to prepare an inviting, comfortable, sensually rich space into which to invite your partner. Make sure the room is warm, and that there is a soft and comfortable place for your partner to lie down. You can light candles, put on soft music, light incense, open the window for a cool breeze, even offer your partner some wine or a bath beforehand. you get the idea.
  2. Gather several different items for each "sense." For sight – or lack of sight! – you'll want something to use as a soft blindfold. For touch, gather several objects that are of all different textures – soft, rough, smooth. For taste, gather an assortment of items that are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, even include water or wine. For sound, have music handy as well as things that make different sounds, like aluminum foil, crinkly wrapper, a bell, your breath. For smell, gather several items with different scents, like incense, scented oils, pieces of fruit, etc.
  3. Ask your partner to lie down, and take a moment to connect with them, settle down from whatever you were doing before, and be with each other. Maybe you want to look into each other's eyes, notice each other's breathing, or put a hand on each other's hearts. Something to connect you and get you both on the same level. You can tell them, if you want, that this is an exercise to awake and indulge all of the five senses.
  4. Start by blindfolding your partner. Moving slowly, gently touch them, caress them, kiss lightly, play as you wish. Then slowly introduce the items you gathered, in whatever order you like. Go slowly. Take your time. Enjoy. Notice your partner experiencing all of their senses. You can keep it an exploration of the five senses or you can add in the erotic, as it feels right.
  5. When you feel your partner has had enough or is getting bored – or you are, gently bring it to a close, laying a hand on them, and removing the blindfold.
  6. Take some time to share the experience – what it was like for both of you.

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