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Friday, March 26th, 2010

Feeding The Feminine

On Wednesday, March 31 I have the pleasure of being interviewed by Relationship Expert, Vera Poole, on her Ask Vera radio show.

She interviews experts, authors and leading edge voices on the issues that are relevant to couples seeking relationship clarity and connection. This month, that would be yours truly.

4.StrawberryFeeding The Feminine: the key ingredients for extraordinary relationships
with LiYana Silver

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
8:00-8:30pm Eastern Time

What we'll be covering:

– What key things have relationships flourish? Or perish?
– What are the best things a woman can do to support her relationship?
– What can a woman do to tap into and expand her power, radiance and confidence?
– How is this helpful to our relationships?
– What are the hidden things that women might not know we are doing, that hurt our relationships?
– Is it just women who have access to "the Divine Feminine?"

Join us, ask your questions, or simply be a fly on the wall:

I look forward to hearing from you through the venue of the spirit and wisdom of the Ask Vera show!

Best, LiYana

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