There's some things you should know and do BEFORE you open up…

Hello, my courageous, open-hearted friend. If you:

* Want great information, support and guidance around non-monogamy, but aren't in a position to get in-person support, limited either geographically or by finances…

* Want a strong, sane, sexy and sustainable relationship foundation, with ability to color outside the lines of monogamy…

* Are in the process of opening up or are considering it and you don’t want to risk wrecking what you have…

* Want the important questions to ask, the pitfalls to avoid, the easiest ways to communicate, resolving conflict and deal with intense emotions – so you are not feeling around in the dark…

* Want to have the cracks in your relationship exposed, so they can be filled, strengthened and loved up…!

… I've created this just for you. Read on…


Before You Open Up, Four-Part Audio Training Series

stk84685cor* Fully explore which open relationship format is right for you

* Get experienced guidance through your exploration of opening up

* Increase your self-awareness (so you know when it’s you, when it’s them!)

* Increase your levels of appreciation, trust and honesty

* Step-by-step guidance through "who-what-where-when-and-with-whom", "communication-made-easy" and the "safer-sex-conversations"

* Receive an arsenal of at-home practices for more connected love-making (beginner’s mind for your skilled bodies!)

* Get my most esteemed resources, book-lists and websites.

* And of course, ask your questions along the way


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Want to hear MORE?  Here's what you'll dive into:


* Caring for your existing relationship: tools and practices for communication, self-awareness, honesty, appreciation and humor.


*  Creating your personal outline for opening up: the what, where, when, how much and with whom plan
*  Your needs: your precise recipe for being at your best!
*  Safer sex questions and agreements: so all involved are as safe, relaxed and secure as possible


* Working with the Green-Eyed Beasts: maneuvering jealousy, compersion, limerance and New Relationship Energy.
*  Community, support structures and conflict resolution techniques.


*  Creating, keeping and updating agreements, boundaries, baby steps, vetos (or not) and check-ins
*  Coming out (or not) and communicating with the world at large: what to say, to whom, when to say it and when not to say it
*  Resources for legal issues, research, dating sites, further support, reading, etc

And each class comes with accompanying handouts, at-home practices and resource guide.


So, what's it all gonna cost you? $97 bucks.

(Yep, that's for all of it!)


To purchase and get started NOW, click here.


Let's get started with the road map to YOUR extraordinary relationship and to more love than you ever though possible!

I'm honored to be about to support you on this journey,


LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert & Coach


If you encounter any issues, please Contact LiYana.


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