Am I Just Being Selfish or Immature?


Going On Beyond Monogamy is all about honoring who you are and what you want and creating a relationship in which that can flourish healthily.

Could what you want be selfish and immature? It is possible.

Do your homework and your due diligence on yourself. Take some time to understand how you are wired, take a look at patterns that you keep repeating, learn what it is to take personal responsibility. If you haven't yet, check out the Relationship With Yourself section.

Maybe you feel like what you want is too unusual, too out in left field. Whatever your version, you are not alone, and there are others out there doing it, and scientific studies backing its evolutionary validity.

I say it is better to be healthy and intentional about creating what you want, rather than repressing it or doing it anyway, but lying about it.

One of the most selfish and immature things you can do is pretend to want things that you don't want. Another of the most selfish and immature things you can do is get what you want by lying or cheating.

Selfishness and immaturity almost always create a condition of constriction and tightness in your being – the opposite of the ease, lightness and expansiveness of the healthy expression of who you are.

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