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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Acknowledgment Squared

I was hit over the head (no, not literally!) last week by the power of Acknowledgment.

First, a dear friend emailed this to me:

"speak to me a bit on the subject of Acknowledgment. i'm curious about this tonight. it's power. how delicious it makes things to receive it and give it. you are really great at acknowledging and it feels so f**king good. it feels so good to know when a gift, an expression of tenderness is received. it's not even a matter of whether you liked it or not, or approved, but rather, that you acknowledged it and gave a little shout out. that it touched you in some way. i love that! it makes relating with you so much fun and i feel even more open to sharing my heart and my creativity with you."

Second, I was moderating a panel discussion on my Ask-A-Woman Tele-Class, and was dismayed at how few participants were asking questions of the panel of expert women. Then Regena (aka Mama Gena) piped up and said something like, "If you are just listening, or thinking perhaps of asking a question – wherever you are with it – it is just perfect. It takes a lot of courage just to be on this call, and the fact that you are here at all is a testament to the fact that you want more love, delight, pleasure and connection in your life. It's great to have you on the call."

And sure enough, right then, participants started asking questions and the Tele-Class flowed like honey. They felt appreciated, acknowledged and safe to open up and share some of what was going on for them. Never mind that I didn't say it first (Regena is the Queen of Pleasure and a great teacher of mine, after all!) – hats off once again to the simple power of Acknowledgment.

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Posted by LiYana at 6:51 pm

One Response to “Acknowledgment Squared”

  1. teri

    hello lovely,
    i finally had a moment the other day to check out your blog, and ended up reading each post from beginning to end


    thank you for putting your beautiful self out here for all to see

    i'd love to add you to our blogroll at – let me know if that's ok!

    much much love coming your way,

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