Friday, February 1st, 2008

Prioritize YourSELF

In the Winter 2008 Newsletter I just sent out, i included an article titled, "Sweep out the Chamber of Your Heart," and then got this notice from my friend and colleague, Monica.

If you are still waiting to sweep out the chamber of your BODY for this amazing 2008, do consider this life and body cleanse!

Funny thing for a blog, maybe, but this is a GREAT offer. Monica is a Kellogg MBA, triathlete, a bit of an empathic savant and a whiz at vibrant health and life balance.

Prioritize YourSELF: The Ultimate Life and Body Cleanse

Special 1/2 Price for this list!

For more information go to
To get the special price – please call 646-918-6410.

* Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in total control of your health?
* To no longer be confused about what to eat or do to get back to your ideal weight and feel in control of your life? Then keep reading.

8 Classes conducted over the phone beginning February 6th

All classes are recorded so you can do them anywhere at anytime.

Here is just some of what you'll discover in this eight-week course:

* An amazing body cleanse that helps you lose weight, clear your skin and radiate energy and focus
* Easy weeknight meals that are healthy and satisfying, no matter how much time you have
* An exercise plan that works for you and the support and accountability to make sure you stay with it
* The exact supplements that are essential to your health
* Your life and work's passions – what really makes your soul sing and how to keep it in your life
* Time management techniques that work wonders (and are not boring)

* * * * *
Registration: Now just $250.00
Limited to 10 – so register soon!
To find out more and to register, click on the link below:

* * * * *

Monica Shah, Nutrition and Life Balance Expert

Helping busy professionals find simple ways to be healthy.

646-918-6410 – call for an initial consultation today.

Go to to sign up for nutrition and balance tips or a get acquainted session.

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